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Chicago Crush Elite Thrilling Duel with Fort Wayne Ends in Shootout Loss

Will Soldano rushes the puck up ice | Photo by Beverly Buchinger
Will Soldano rushes the puck up ice | Photo by Beverly Buchinger

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - In a thrilling showdown on the ice at SportONE/Parkview Icehouse late Sunday morning, the Chicago Crush Elite squad clashed with the Fort Wayne Spacemen in a high-octane matchup that had fans on the edge of their seats. The Chicago Crush had their eyes set on victory, but the Fort Wayne Spacemen weren't about to back down. When the dust settled, it was the Spacemen who emerged victorious in a heart-pounding shootout.

The game was a rollercoaster of emotions from the get-go. In the first period, the Spacemen struck first on a power play goal, with Baldry finding the back of the net with an assist from Zinoviev and Teplitskyi. But the Crush quickly responded, with Jace Levine showcasing his scoring prowess, netting a beauty with help from Trace Girgis and Ryan Parkin. The period also saw some heated exchanges, resulting in a handful of penalties for both sides.

The second period brought more excitement as Jace Levine continued to shine, notching his second goal of the game, giving the Crush the lead. However, the penalty box remained a busy place, as both teams were eager to assert their physical dominance.

In the third period, the Spacemen refused to go quietly into the night. Moynahan scored the game-tying goal with assists from Evans and Ringenberg. The teams remained deadlocked until the final buzzer, forcing the game into overtime. The OT period was a nail-biting affair, but neither team could break through.

Then came the shootout, where the Spacemen would prove to be clutch. While the Crush managed just one goal, courtesy of Ryan Parkin, Fort Wayne found the back of the net twice, securing the win and sending their fans into a frenzy.

Although the Chicago Crush Elite squad fought valiantly and put on an incredible show, they came up just short.

Forward Jace Levine | Photo by Beverly Buchinger
Forward Jace Levine | Photo by Beverly Buchinger

Jace Levine, who had a standout performance, recognized the growth of the team, saying, "This is a big step forward for our team, but there are still things we need to learn."

The Crush might have fallen short, but they're already looking forward to the next opportunity to showcase their skills on the ice. As Will Soldano noted, penalties played a significant role in the outcome. "It was a good game but came out short because we spent too much time in the penalty box." Discipline will undoubtedly be a focus in their preparation for the next game.

Starting goaltender Tyler Siuda put it, "It was a hard fought battle. We didn't get the result we wanted. We will get them tomorrow."

The Chicago Crush Elite squad might have tasted defeat in this game, but they're well aware that their journey is a long one, filled with opportunities for improvement and success. With their fighting spirit and determination, the Crush Elite squad looks to bounce back during Monday's rematch versus Fort Wayne.

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