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Jack Sundhall Shines as USPHL Midwest Division Player of the Week!

#31 Goalie Jack Sundhall | Photo by Beverly Buchinger
#31 Goalie Jack Sundhall | Photo by Beverly Buchinger

Hailing from Göteborg, Sweden, Jack Sundhall, the talented netminder of our very own Chicago Crush, has been recognized as one of the USPHL Midwest Division's Players of the Week, and it's well-deserved!

In a thrilling showdown against the Fort Wayne Spacemen, Sundhall displayed exceptional goaltending prowess, making an astounding 33 saves. The result? A remarkable 2-1 victory for the Crush Premier unit, even in a game where they faced a barrage of shots.

What sets Jack apart is not just his remarkable performance in that game but his consistently stellar season. He's not just a player; he's a game-changer! Currently, Jack ranks among the league's elite, sitting proudly in the top 10 in several crucial statistical categories:

Sundhall locates the puck | Photo by Beverly Buchinger
Sundhall locates the puck | Photo by Beverly Buchinger

Wins: With 6 victories to his name, he's positioned fourth league-wide.

Goals Against Average (GAA): An impressive 1.49 GAA, earning him the ninth spot.

Save Percentage: An outstanding .949 save percentage places him eighth among all USPHL goaltenders.

These remarkable statistics highlight Jack Sundhall's remarkable consistency and his ability to make a significant impact between the pipes. He's undoubtedly an invaluable asset to the Chicago Crush, helping the team secure crucial victories, even in challenging games.

So, let's give it up for Jack Sundhall, our Swedish sensation, and the USPHL Midwest Division's Player of the Week! His dedication, skill, and unwavering determination are propelling the Chicago Crush to new heights. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this remarkable goaltender and our beloved team!

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