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At the heart of the Chicago Crush beats a relentless commitment to three pillars: Goals, Grit, and Guidance.


Goals: For every player who dons the Chicago Crush jersey, our organization stands as a beacon of opportunity. We understand that each player enters our program with their own set of aspirations, and it's our mission to help them reach those goals. Whether it's securing a spot on a collegiate roster or ascending to the professional ranks, we provide the resources and support necessary to turn dreams into reality.


Grit: Hockey is a sport that demands resilience, determination, and unwavering dedication. The Chicago Crush cultivates a culture of grit, instilling in our players the tenacity to push through challenges and emerge stronger on the other side. With every stride on the ice and every battle in the corners, our players embody the relentless spirit that defines our organization.


Guidance: Central to our ethos is the belief that player development goes beyond the rink. Our Player-First Philosophy ensures that every member of the Chicago Crush receives personalized attention and guidance on their journey. Led by a team of professional-level coaches, we provide the mentorship and expertise necessary to hone skills, sharpen minds, and shape character. Through our guidance, players not only excel on the ice but also grow into well-rounded individuals poised for success beyond the game.


The Chicago Crush is more than a junior hockey organization; it's a community united by a shared pursuit of excellence. As we enter the 2024-25 season in the Premier and Elite levels of the USPHL Midwest-East Divisions, we invite you to join us in our quest to elevate the game and empower the next generation of hockey stars. Goals. Grit. Guidance. This is the Chicago Crush.

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